About us

SERIS: security company with international roots

With a parent company in France and sister companies in Belgium and Luxembourg, SERIS is one of the larger security companies in Europe. Thanks to years of international knowledge and expertise in the field of security and the professional training at the SERIS Academy, more and more companies know how to find us. Wondering why we want to be the most progressive and innovative organization and how we want to stay this way? And how your organization reaps the benefits from this? Read all you need to know about SERIS security company.


Costs, procedures, measures: each security approach is customized, because every organization is different. Therefore, SERIS again and again provides a perfect combination of organizational, structural and electronic measures. Completely customized and as cost efficient as possible. For your business, this has the following benefits:

  • Risks are known and mapped
  • All security measures are well known and missing measures are indicated
  • There are no unstructured measures
  • Safety or security measures do not only work on paper but also in practice
  • You never pay more than necessary
  • You, your staff and your guests are assured of a safe workplace



Respect, sharing, discipline and dynamics: these are the fundamental values that we always bear in mind. During the security tasks that we perform, with the facility services we provide, during the training that we give and the companies that we advise. Not just respect for people, but also for the laws and regulations which we are dealing with. Because security companies are not allowed to do everything. The solutions we offer comply with all legal requirements and are ISO-certified. We are also a member of the Dutch Security industry; we have the Security quality mark and we work in a socially responsible and durable way


SERIS is and wants to stay the most progressive and innovative security organization. This requires the sharing of knowledge and information. And of course, a real team spirit, because best results happen in a team. That is why we support our staff whenever possible. For example, by listening when needed, honest distribution of work and modern equipment so people are able to do their work. This is what motivates; job satisfaction and optimal deployment.


Not a working day is the same at SERIS. With the necessary adaptability, we make sure that companies always can count on protection and services of the highest level. For that, we need to be courageous and sometimes transcend ourselves. But only by constantly working on progress within the logistics and security industry, we can make society a safer place. And that is why we do all of this.


Security guards must sometimes make decisions in a split second. That is only possible if the rules and legal frameworks within which they work are known to them. SERIS therefore spent a great deal of attention to education and training in the field of communication skills.

Also, we make sure that we as a company have our affairs in order. As a financially healthy organization, we make sure that we can invest in our people and the quality of service and this way we can constantly measure the results of our activities. We report monthly and hold ourselves accountable regarding the results we have achieved. SERIS is not stock market listed and therefore not dependent on (external) shareholders. We are in control. Are you?