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Say security, think of SERIS Group. As a leading security company, SERIS keeps concerning themselves with safety in the broadest sense of the word. With surveillance and security services, services, education and training at the SERIS academy and various technological solutions, we secure every company and event. Within each industry. Read all about our services, subsidiaries and solutions.



Security and surveillance is and remains human work to a large extent. You can contact SERIS for the following services:

Total security concept

Static guarding

Security host

Port security

Retail security

Mobile security

Tracker dogs




Hospitality is the best for of security. The noticing eyes and the friendly chat of a receptionist or host give your visitors a secure feeling, but scare off attackers. Hire SERIS for:

Reception services


Telephone services






Safety on the work floor is of unprecedented value. You want your employees and visitors to feel safe and to do what they came for whilst not being disturbed. CCTV surveillance and security guards give a sense of security, but you also want that employees can save themselves. Therefore, the SERIS Academy offers various forms of training and education in the field of security and safety. Of dealing with aggression and hospitality to First Aid and fire extinguishing. If you know how you can get small calamities under control, you can, in some cases, prevent major disasters. Make sure that you possess the right knowledge regarding safety.




As a security company, we don't do everything by ourselves. Sometimes you can simply just come to us for advice and support, so that you can continue with what you are doing. For example, you can hire SERIS Group for:



Security management

Risk management

Project management

Training & exercise

Company investigation




Technology means everything. Also within the security industry we can no longer do without it. At SERIS, you can also come for different technological security and surveillance solutions:


Technical Security Solutions

Burglary protection

Fire protection

CCTV security

Perimeter/ area security

Access control



Monitoring of your business, site or event from a distance? Thanks to a combination of modern equipment and highly trained security guards, you can use the following services from SERIS:


Remote control

CCTV observation



Would you like to know more about SERIS. Or do you need advice about a security issue? We are glad to help, so please feel free to contact us. 

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