Areas of Expertise

Security solutions for all areas of expertise

The best security is a combination of human insight and the best, most modern technological solutions.

Integrated solutions are the only real way to keep workplaces in all kinds of industries and areas of expertise safe. SERIS works throughout all of Europe for a safer workplace and safer society. Wondering if we also can support your business?


The areas of expertise

Security is customization. No company is the same and neither is our approach. SERIS can, in almost every industry, be deployed for surveillance, security, hospitality and other services. We already work within the following areas of expertise:

  • Construction, Business parks, Datacenters, Healthcare, Ports, Off-shore, Industry, Offices, Logistics, Aviation, Small businesses, Education, Public transportation, Government, Retail

Which security solution?

Security is not a profession which can be explained in one sentence. It has wide range and many branches. Sometimes, it is just enough to advice and consult companies regarding the security of their premises, building or workplace. Other times, there is a bigger package of services needed to ensure security. For example, when creating a risk profile and a security strategy or a security plan, so we can work on this 24/7.

Also, hospitality and the use of hosts and receptionists falls under the scope of a security company like SERIS. A good host is, after all, the first designated person to separate welcome and uninvited guests.

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Safe and hospitable

Do you also want to hire a security company? For example, to guard your property after closing time, check shipments or to secure public transport to keep it safe and hospitable? Please feel free to contact SERIS to discuss the possibilities, even if your area of expertise is not listed above. Safety and security is for everyone.