Aviation security

At an airport, passengers, visitors, employees and suppliers come and go. Criminals and terrorist take advantage of this; irregularities are difficult to spot. To ensure the safety of passengers, baggage and planes, an optimum aviation security is a must.

Optimal safety and optimal hospitality

Airport security requires expertise. For example, you need to take national and international laws, regulations and the complex processes at an airport into account. But experience with crowd management and security awareness is essential also. SERIS has this experience and knowledge. With a total package of security and safety measures, we ensure security without disrupting the services and without limiting the hospitality.

From mobile security to access control systems

To protect an airfield from dangers like fire, terrorism and crime, SERIS offers top quality aviation security. Often a combination of people and technology, and always tailored to your specific situation. Our security guards work structured according to predictive profiling and work closely with the Royal Military Police, customs and other aviation authorities. 

For the safety and security of airports, SERIS offers the following solutions:

Inspection services in aviation security

Are there suspicions of theft, smuggling or other unwanted behavior? SERIS is specialized in inspection services. In a professional way, our competent security guard will conduct an inspection. Naturally, these inspections are done in a discrete and respectful way.

Access control systems

With access control systems, we can register, identify and verify travelers, visitors and staff. This way, immediate action can be taken when a suspicious person enters the airport.

Checking check-in baggage

To prevent is better than to cure. By checking check-in baggage, unwanted materials will not come onboard. Next to checking the baggage of passengers and crew, the baggage of catering and cargo staff is also checked. This will ensure minimal security risks and passengers can travel with peace of mind.


Want to know more about aviation security from SERIS? We will gladly tell you more about the way we work, our experience and our possibilities.