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Security business parks

Business parks are a popular target for criminals, arsonists and vandals. Often they are deserted and dark in the evening. And the offices contain valuable stuff and sensitive information. Good security is essential. SERIS offers high-quality security solutions for business sites. Professional, modern and tailored.     

Collective security: efficient and effective

When you share a business park with other organizations, we recommend collective security. By joining forces, you can then implement efficient and effective security measures. In addition, you can share the cost. And that means: high security at a low price.

From License plate cameras to preventive surveillance inspection rounds

To prevent crime at business parks, SERIS offers high quality security solutions. Often a combination of people and technology, and always tailored to your specific situation. For the security of business parks, SERIS offers the following solutions:

Collective surveillance

During collective surveillance, our experienced security guards watch the entire business park closely. Companies that have joined the collective security, are all inspected individually. Is there a suspicious person or a suspicious vehicle? Then our security guards will immediately jump into action.

License plate cameras

Our license plate cameras record all the cars that drive in and out of your business park. These plates are then checked through the police database. Is there a suspicious vehicle? Then we immediately hit the alarm.

Alarm response

When your alarm system goes off, our alarm center will receive a message. The alarm response will contact the closest mobile security guard. As a result, you no longer have to check things yourself during an alarm. Safe and it will save you a lot of hassle.  

Mobile security

Securing a business park? With our mobile security, you keep criminals and vandals at bay. Our surveillance operates nationwide and is immediately at the scene in case of an emergency. The security guards are trained and know how to act in case of unwanted behavior.

Video surveillance

SERIS has modern CCTV security equipment. This enables us to register every square meter of your Business Park. The staff in our emergency room carefully check the CCTV images and take immediate action in the event of irregularities.

Preventive surveillance inspection rounds

It is better to prevent than to cure. By having preventive surveillance inspection rounds, thieves and vandals are being discouraged. When something out of the ordinary is detected, our security guards will act immediately. A preventive surveillance inspection round can take place at a set time or at a flexible time.


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