Construction security

Vandalism and theft: Unfortunately, many construction companies have to deal with this. With all its consequences. Because in addition to delays in construction, financial damages are high most of the time as well. The solution? High security; 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. It will guarantee the safety on your construction site and you can focus on your core business ... construction! Therefore, use the security services of SERIS.

Security during and outside working hours

SERIS is specialized in safety on construction sites. Our security guards know the security risks in the construction like no other and ensure proper security seamlessly. We secure your construction site during the working hours, but also outside of these hours. This ensures that there are no disruptions and that you can deliver according to your deadlines. 

From CCTV surveillance to preventive surveillance inspection rounds

To prevent theft and vandalism on construction sites, SERIS offers top notch security solutions. Often a combination of people and technology, and always tailored to your specific situation.

For security in construction, SERIS offers the following solutions:

Access control systems

Often, a large number of employees are working on your construction site. This makes it difficult to notice unauthorized people. With our access control systems, only people that are authorized have access to your construction site. A comforting thought.

Mobile security

Keep unauthorized people from your site with our mobile security. Our surveillance operates nationwide and is immediately on-site during a call. The surveillance people are trained and know how to act in case of unwanted behavior.

Video surveillance

SERIS features state-of-the-art cameras. This makes it possible for us to register every square meter of your construction site. The staff in our emergency room carefully check the CCTV images and take immediate action in the event of irregularities.


Are there suspicions of theft? SERIS is specialized in inspection services. In a professional way, our competent security guards will carry out an inspection. This, of course, happens discrete and respectful.

Preventive surveillance inspection rounds

It is better to prevent than to cure. By having preventive surveillance inspection rounds, thieves and vandals on building sites are being discouraged. When something out of the ordinary is detected, our security guards will act immediately. A preventive surveillance inspection round can take place at a set time or at a flexible time.


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