Security in healthcare

Aggression, theft and vandalism often happen at care institutions. The expensive equipment and large amounts of medication attract a lot of criminals. In addition, the emotions in patients and visitors can run high, leading to aggression. By optimally securing your hospital, nursing home or mental health institution, you provide your patients, visitors and staff with all the care they deserve, on all fronts. SERIS would like to contribute to this.

Maximum feeling of safety

A healthcare facility requires specific measures in the field of safety and security. At SERIS, we know all about this. With our solutions, you prevent theft, vandalism and aggression without making your patients, visitors or staff feel uncomfortable. So no blunt security personnel, but friendly and approachable security guards. The result? An optimum feeling of safety at your healthcare facility.

From CCTV security to hospitality

To prevent aggression, theft and vandalism in health care, SERIS offers top quality security solutions. Often a combination of people and technology, and always tailored to your specific situation. That's why our professionals create a risk profile in advance so that we exactly know what the greatest risks are.

For the safety and security of your health care facility, SERIS provides the following solutions:

CCTV security

At your health care facility, visitors keep walking in and out. That makes it difficult to identify suspicious behavior. With video surveillance, we can secure your hospital, nursing home or mental health institution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cameras are connected to our alarm center, where images are being viewed live by our employees. They take immediate action in the event of irregularities. This way, you are assured of maximum protection.  

Preventive surveillance inspection rounds

To prevent is better than to cure. By making preventive surveillance inspection rounds, unwanted behavior is discouraged. Still got any irregularities? Then our security guards are right on it. A preventive surveillance inspection round can take place at a set time or at a flexible time.


Security is really important to you, but you also want that your patients, visitors and staff are feeling comfortable. At SERIS, hospitality and security go hand in hand. Our hostesses and hosts are friendly and approachable and have excellent security skills. The host or hostess quickly notices deviant behavior or possible dangers and he or she acts where necessary.

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