Office security

In offices, valuable items such as phones and laptops are often up for grabs. And what do you think of documents with confidential information? This is why you want to keep unauthorized people away. However, criminals sometimes manage to get in unnoticed; in large offices, all visitors walk in and out and not all employees know each other by face. By optimally securing your office building, you prevent theft and create a safe working environment for your staff.

Company security from A to Z

Company security is common for SERIS. Our security staff knows where to find the security risks and manage this from A to Z. Fire safety, entrance management, alarm response: it is all included in the security plan. There is also focus on security awareness, so that your employees understand the importance of security measures and displays (safe) behavior.

From preventive surveillance inspection rounds to service representatives

To ensure the (fire) safety within your Office, SERIS offers top quality security solutions. Often a combination of people and technology, and always tailored to your specific situation.

For the safety and security of your office building, SERIS offers the following solutions:

Preventive surveillance inspection rounds

To prevent is better than to cure. By making preventive surveillance inspection rounds, such as fire and closing rounds, criminals are discouraged and dangers are spotted early. If irregularities are detected, the security guard immediately responds. A preventive control round can take place at a set time or at flexible moments.

Alarm response

When your alarm system goes off, a message will come in at our alarm center. The alarm response then contacts the nearest security officer. As a result, you no longer have to include check things yourself in case of an alarm. Safer and easier.  


An operator, receptionist, hostess, host or caretaker: They all play their part in a comfy and safe working environment. Your visitors feel welcome and your employees also appreciate a "familiar face". In addition, service representatives are a deterrent to criminals. In the unlikely event that an emergency takes place? We will act fast and appropriate.


Would you like to know more about the security of office by SERIS? We will gladly help you with advice and information.