Offshore security

An emergency can take place anywhere, also – and perhaps exactly – offshore. Space is limited, the activities are all around and there is almost no social control. In addition, people often work with explosive material, which increase the chances of a fire. When an incident takes place offshore, it does not only have far-reaching consequences for the production process, but also for your employees and the environment. This makes high-quality safety and security measures are a must.

Ultimate (fire) safety

Offshore security. At SERIS, we know what this takes. Offshore work areas are in the middle of the sea, far from civilization. In addition, the processes are dynamic and the bringing in and shipping of personnel and goods are frequent. Our specially trained security guards know exactly what the security and safety challenges are when it comes to offshore work and make sure that the security it up to par. For example, ensuring fire safety an important part, as well as the security of storage and handling of mass goods.

CCTV surveillance and access control systems

To ensure (fire) safety offshore, SERIS offers high quality security solutions. Often a combination of people and technology, and always tailored to your specific situation. Of course, our security guards work according to the strict safety requirements that govern your industry. This ensures that your employees and processes are optimally secured.

For the safety and security of offshore activities, SERIS offers the following solutions:


CCTV security

Offshore activity is all about work. Which makes it hard to notice suspicious behavior or dangerous situations. With CCTV surveillance, we can monitor your work area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cameras are connected to our alarm center, where the images are being viewed live by our employees. In the event of irregularities, they immediately sound the alarm.

Access control systems

On oil platforms and other offshore work areas, people and goods come and go. Between the working activities of people and storage and handling of goods, it is difficult to spot irregularities. With our access control systems, we carefully register and verify everything. A comforting thought. 


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