Port security

Ports are attractive places to work for many companies, but unfortunately also for criminals. The site is often large, there is a lot of staff around and the goods keep coming in. This makes it difficult to notice irregularities. Especially with a constant terrorist threat, the need for good port security is greater than ever. For great port security, please contact SERIS security.

According to the ISPS code and SAFE Port Act

Securing ports is a profession in its own. This is because national and international laws and regulations must be taken into account and because of the complex processes within a port area. And what about fire safety? SERIS is a specialist in port security. With a complete package of security and safety measures, we ensure the safety of your port area. Of course, completely in line with the ISPS code and the SAFE Port Act.

From CCTV surveillance to inspection

To protect your port authority from dangers like fire, terrorism and crime, SERIS offers top quality security solutions. Often a combination of people and technology, and always tailored to your specific situation. Our port security guards (PFSO) work with predictive profiling and because of this, they identify deviant behavior and dangers from great distance. Of course, we also work closely with the seaport police, customs and other port authorities.

For port security, SERIS offers the following solutions:

CCTV security

In a port area, it is always really busy. This makes it extra difficult to notice suspicious behavior. Because of video surveillance, we can guard your port facilities 24/7. The cameras are connected to our alarm center, where images are being viewed live by our employees. In case of irregularities, the immediately jump into action. This way, you are assured of maximum protection.


Are there any suspicions of a crime? SERIS is specialized in inspection services. Inspection services are being conducted in a professional way by our competent port security guards. Naturally this happens discreet and respectful.

Access control systems

On a port site, many employees are often working at the same time. This makes it difficult to notice unauthorized people. With SERIS's sophisticated access control system, only authorized people have access to the port area. A comforting thought.

Sea freight and container inspection

Smuggling of people, weapons and drugs often happens through sea. Our port security guards carry out checks on sea freight and containers. Not only in suspicious circumstances, but also by random selection. 

Security of ships

To prevent piracy, you can also deploy our certified security guards to guard your ships. They are very well trained and know how to act in case of a threat. 


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