Retail security

Crime is a major problem in retail. More and more retailers, department stores and shopping malls deal with shoplifting, violence and pickpocketing. This exposes retailers not only to huge losses, but it also has a negative effect on the feeling of security with staff and shoppers. With all its consequences. To enhance security, good retail security is essential.

Security of a store: internal and external risks

The security of your shop is in good hands at SERIS. Our security guards know the security risks like no other and ensure that the security of the store will be handled to perfection. We do not only look at the dangers from the outside, but also at internal risks such as internal theft, internal fraud and sweethearting. With this two-track approach, we ensure optimal security. 

From CCTV security to hospitality

To prevent crime and violence in retail, SERIS offers top quality security solutions. Often a combination of people and technology, and always tailored to your specific situation. Through a mystery guest, we expose the weak spots in your security and we get an insight into the behavior of your staff.

For retail security, SERIS offers the following solutions:


CCTV surveillance

SERIS has a wireless CCTV system. With this, we can discreetly register each square meter of your shop or shopping center. The staff in our emergency room carefully keeps looking at the CCTV images and take immediate action in the event of irregularities.

Shop security and surveillance

Our shop security guards spot irregularities in shops and malls. They quickly spot shoplifting, disruptions and pickpocketing. The security guards are trained and know how to act in case of unwanted behavior.  


When deploying a host or other kinds of service staff, you increase the sense of security of your customers and employees. In addition, service staff acts as a deterrent to criminals and rioters. In the unlikely event that an emergency takes place, they act fast and appropriate.


To want to learn more about security services and solutions provided by SERIS? Do you have any questions or need for any advice? Don't hesitate and call our staff! They can help.