Small Businesses

Security of Small Businesses

You want to protect your company and goods against theft, fraud, fire and destruction as much as possible. Calamities can have far-reaching consequences for your services. And what about the safety of your staff? By taking the right measures in the field of burglar security and fire safety, you ensure the safety of your business and staff.

Managing safety risks

As a small business owner, you often do not have a huge budget. Yet, you would like to have ultimate protection for your services and employees. At SERIS, we understand this. Our security is cost-efficient and tailored to your needs. This way, it is possible for small business owners to secure business continuity. In our company security, security awareness plays an important role. By optimizing the safety awareness of your employees, you can better manage the security risks.

From CCTV surveillance to shop surveillance

To prevent burglary, fraud and fire at your company, SERIS offers top quality security solutions. Often a combination of people and technology, and always tailored to your specific situation. Our security guards make a risk profile in advance so that they know exactly what the greatest risks are.

For the safety of small businesses, SERIS offers the following solutions:

CCTV surveillance

SERIS features state-of-the-art cameras. This way, we can register every square meter of your business. The staff in our emergency room keep a close eye on the CCTV images and take immediate action in the event of irregularities.


Our security guards will spot irregularities in your company and in the nearby area. They will spot deviant behavior and suspicious vehicles. The security guards are trained and know how to act in case of unwanted behavior. 

Alarm response

When your alarm system goes off, a message will come in at our alarm center. The alarm response will contact the nearest security guard. As a result, you no longer have to check out the alarm yourself. Safe and it saves you a lot of hassle. 


To want to learn more about security services and solutions provided by SERIS? Do you have any questions or need for any advice? Don't hesitate and call our staff! They can help.