Employment terms

Working conditions

When you work for SERIS as a security guard, you will fall under the collective labor agreement (CAO) “Private Security Organizations”. You will find good working conditions in this CAO. Thing about:

  • Wages (scales)
  • Payment of overtime
  • Working hours
  • Terms of sickness
  • Probation time
  • Notice period
  • Pension scheme

SERIS also has a number of other services, such as receptionists and telephone operators. These features are not covered by the collective labor agreement (CAO) of private security and have their own benefits package with private pay scales and benefits for irregular work. Everything matching the type of working activities.

Secondary working conditions.  

Next to what has been mentioned above, SERIS also offers you excellent secondary working conditions. These apply to everyone. A small selection from our secondary working conditions:

  • Company fitness
  • Group insurances
  • Education and study facilities
  • Car, bike or scooter provided by employer
  • Company events

Everything is focused on the staff of SERIS to make it as comfortable as possible so they can do their job.