Mobile Security Officer

Mobile Security Officer

As a mobile security officer, you cover an area in which multiple objects will require your attention. This includes carrying out fire and closing inspection rounds, inspection rounds (internal and external) and opening inspection rounds, but also responding to burglar notifications from the observation room.

While conducting these working activities, you will have a well-equipped surveillance car at your disposal, including the necessary technical gadgets. For example, several vehicles are equipped with thermal imaging cameras so that you can quickly discover suspicious or dangerous situations.

As a mobile security officer, you are able to assess a situation and make a decision yourself. You appropriately respond to challenging situations and under every circumstance, you possess a problem-solving way of thinking.

If necessary, you will call for the help of your colleagues or emergency services and you are able to quickly report a situation in a structured manner to them. But it can also be that you are receiving a message of one of your colleagues who needs your help. Despite the independence within this function, it is also important to be able to work in a team.

Main characteristics of a mobile security officer

  • Vigilance
  • Independence
  • Reporting and communicating
  • Act appropriately in challenging situations
  • Working in a team

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