Observation Room Operator

Employee Observationroom

As an observation room operator, you are remotely helping out several parties. You are responsible for correctly handle incoming reports. Without any difficulties, you follow the different kinds of procedures that were set with the customer and if necessary, you will deploy your colleagues. A structured way of working, good communication skills and stress resistant are very important characteristics for an observation room operator.

From all over the Netherlands, reports come in and this can happen in different kinds of ways which make it possible for the situation and the nature of the report to be very different from one another. From operating a barrier to dealing with an alarm, you can properly follow up on this. This means that you as an observation room operator are able to act swiftly in different situations and you need to be a true multitasker.

Most important characteristics of an observation room operator:

  • Communication skills
  • Report and communicate
  • Stress resistant
  • Multitasking
  • Structured working method
  • Vigilant
  • Act properly in challenging situation


Do you have what it takes to be an observation room operator at SERIS? Check out the vacancies or send us an open application.