Friendly staff, professional specialists, accurate telephone operators and a well-kept company building: it all adds to the image of your organization. The staff usually puts its best foot forward. But the company building is sometimes forgotten. And that's pretty understandable, because the focus of your employees is the core business of your company. This is why SERIS Services deploys a handyman to work on the practical tasks within your organization. Our handyman will notice every broken door handle. He or she ensures that your property and outdoor area looks flawless.


Every job done easily

Lamps replaced, operating a beamer, oiling squeaky doors or move archive boxes, nothing is too crazy for the handyman of SERIS. As an observant janitor, he or she discovers small and large defects in the building. Our handyman is trained to do light maintenance work on your premises and surrounding area. Extensive jobs such as major repairs and construction work, will be outsourced to external parties by the janitor. He or she ensures that all work will go smoothly and that your building is functioning properly and is accessible. Nothing stands in the way of your primary working activities anymore. The handyman of SERIS ensures that your business premises are clean, whole and safe.


Our handyman is one in a million

Someone on whom you can always fall back on, ready to undertake every job. Call him or her a handyman, janitor, concierge or a rescuing angel. Convenient, practical, social and helpful. With great pleasure, our handymen will help you and your staff with all kinds of chores. Before the leaning bookshelf could even notice, the handyman had it fixed already. The only thing you need to be concerned about is your own work.


Looking for a handyman?

Getting annoyed by those flashing lights in your office? And because of the doors that don't close properly? You yourself of course do not have time to fix it, your calendar is full as it is. SERIS Services helps you out with a proactive handyman. Please contact us for more information.