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Safety on the work floor is of unprecedented value. You want your employees and visitors to feel safe and be able to do what they came for. CCTV surveillance and security guards give a sense of security, but you also want that employees can save themselves. Therefore, the SERIS Academy offers various courses and training in the field of security and safety. From dealing with aggression and hospitality to first aid and fire extinguishing. If you know how you can handle small calamities, then in some cases you can prevent major disasters. Make sure that know all about safety.



Are you a receptionist or do you handle the phone? Then hospitality is really important because you are the business card of your company. SERIS offers courses that will teach you everything about hospitality. In a work environment where a lot of customer contact takes place, you will also have to deal with difficult people, aggressive behavior and negative emotions. You will feel insecure and no longer safe. The course "dealing with aggression" makes you resilient against aggression in the workplace. In addition to aggression, there are more risks at your work. Theft and crime are always lurking. With the security awareness training, you will learn how to recognize risks at your work.

Do you leave security to security guards? Then they need specific certificates in some industries. For example, at the port. SERIS trains port security and Port Facility Security Officers (PFSO). CCTV observants can also learn everything they need at SERIS.



Falling from heights, a small fire or a nail in your thumb. It can all happen in the workplace. It's good to know how to act at that time. SERIS Academy offers a variety of training courses in the field of safety. A first-aid training teaches you how you can deal with all kinds of accidents. The ERO course goes a step further and also pays attention to firefighting, evacuation plans and CPR. In addition, you can also individually learn these skills at SERIS. Choose a training for handling small fire extinguishers or evacuation planning. Do you work in a company with a high safety risk? Then it is recommended to get your VCA certification. This can also be done at the SERIS Academy.


Top quality courses

The SERIS Academy only works with the best teachers and trainers. All of them have extensive experience in teaching, but they also took the necessary steps in the field. During our training courses, we will provide you with a fine combination of theory and practice. You can count on good guidance and a portion of the training can also be done with e-learning.


Looking for a course?

Are you choosing for a working environment where security and safety are guaranteed? Make sure that you and your employees know what's going on. Browse through the courses of the SERIS Academy and if you need more information, please contact us.