Safety training

Safety training courses

There are people trapped in the elevator, a colleague chokes on a piece of candy, something in the trash caught fire: an accident can always happen. Do you know what you should do? For example, knowledge of first aid and being an Emergency Response Officer (ERO), can prevent a disaster. SERIS Academy offers training and education in the field of safety. Think about ERO, first aid, VCA and dealing with small extinguishers. Make sure that your employees can act swiftly when this is needed.


First aid

Do you know what to do if your colleague gets knocked unconscious from a fall of a ladder? Or what if you cut your fingers really bad? With a first-aid training, you'll learn all the skills that can be useful for accidents in daily life. You will learn how to patch up a wound, so that does not get infected. You know that you need to put a breathing unconscious person on his side immediately. And how to perform CPR if the person is not breathing well. ERIS offers first aid training and first aid-repetition. Providing first aid during an accident can really save lives.



It could happen to you: there is a fire at your company. Dozens of employees are spread out over the building. Of course, this kind of situation is rare, but it can occur. Also in your company. Therefore, several employees need to be trained as an Emergency Response Officer. During the ERO-training from SERIS, you will learn how to fight a fire in a responsible manner, how to evacuate groups of people and how to apply life-saving skills. In addition to the regular ERO training, SERIS also offers an ERO-repetition course and a course for team leaders.



On building sites, in factories and workshops there is a higher risk of accidents. Is your company works in a such a setting, then it is good to get your VCA certificate. The Safety, health and environment Checklist Contractors (VCA) is designed to get you to work safer and to reduce the number of accidents. SERIS Academy will teach you all about VCA. Ensure a safe working environment, get your VCA certificate.


Fire prevention and evacuation

Are you a welder, fitter or do you work with chemicals? Then you are always in danger of fire. In a small extinguisher training, you will learn how you can properly avoid, fight and extinguish fires. During the course "Beheerder Brandmeldinstallatie"(BBMI), you will learn how to manage and maintain a fire alarm system. If a fire does break out, then the property needs to be evacuated. SERIS Academy teaches you everything about evacuation drills. SERIS even provides training on how to free trapped elevator passengers.



By creating safe and healthy working conditions, the chance of actually having to act does get smaller. A prevention officer supports colleagues in following safety regulations. SERIS Academy trains prevention professionals. To prevent is better than to cure.


Want to know more?

Do you want to create a safe working environment? Be sure that your employees know how to act in case of an emergency? Please contact us now for more information regarding SERIS safety courses.