Security training

Security training

Security is very important. That's why security guards have a great responsibility. SERIS only works with professionals; security professionals who have the appropriate knowledge and skills. Employees who have the right diplomas and certificates. SERIS Academy offers a variety of training in the field of security. That's how we provide only the best security guards.


Port security officer

Just like airports, seaports are a vulnerable target of crime and terrorism. Both the air and sea ports have a very high security level. Port security is a profession in its own right. All security officials working in a port area must comply with requirements in the port Security Act. One of the requirements is the certificate for port security officer (ISPS) or Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO). SERIS Academy offers training for port security officer and PFSO.


CCTV observant

In commercial buildings and at public areas, the use of CCTV cameras for securing property and maintaining order keeps growing. Cameras or not: crimes are still being committed. In order to stay one step ahead of criminals, a CCTV observant needs to actively monitor CCTV images. Safety starts with prevention. A skillful CCTV observant recognizes deviant behavior on camera and knows how he or she should intervene. At the SERIS course for CCTV observant, you will learn all the necessary CCTV observation skills.


Dealing with aggression

Customers are sometimes impatient, are aggressive or show to their dissatisfaction about the queues at any given moment. Staff at the reception or on the telephone often encounter negative emotions. That gives a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty. The course "dealing with aggression" makes them resilient and gives you confidence in complicated situations. Anyone who is dealing with customer contact, should learn how to deal with aggression. SERIS Academy you teach you how to recognize aggression and provides you with tips on how to intervene. 


Security awareness

Security awareness is crucial. Do you work in a business organization? Then you need to handle valuable business information in a safe manner. Are you working in a logistics sector and are you transporting electronics or alcoholic drinks? Then realize how much your load is worth and how risky this can be. It does not matter in which industry you work; it is important that you are aware of the security risks at your work. The security awareness training at the SERIS Academy teaches you on what you should look out for.



Hosts and hostesses, telephone operators and receptionists: for all of them, hospitality is the most important. Adequate communication and good contact with the customer is a job by itself. The SERIS Academy offers various courses in the field of hospitality, in which hosts/hostesses will learn all the details in the business.


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