There are numerous rules and requirements that you as a company have to meet. And it seems like there are more and more laws and regulations and a stronger check on the compliance of these. Do you actually know what laws and regulations are relevant to your business? And how you can comply with these? SERIS Consulting checks the requirements for your organization and then creates an action plan for you. Compliancy guaranteed. 


Countless rules and laws

It seems like there are more and more requirements and rules which companies visibly need to comply with. Compliance is complying with the legal regulations. For example, companies must comply to import and export procedures. But also, think of complying with rules regarding integrity, privacy and incident reporting. New laws and standards will come at you at high speed and the sanctions for non-compliance are increasing and the monitoring is becoming stricter. Enough reason to make sure your company complies with all the rules. But how can you be sure to not be overlooking things? The consultants at SERIS assist you with advice and actions you need to take.


Inventory and analysis

Which laws and standards must your organization actually take into account? This is something that our consultants will check for you. We start with collecting the rules that are relevant to you. Based on this, we analyze where your company complies with the requirements. And where there is room for improvement. Often, these are small things, but with possible sanctions in mind, it is best to stay sharp. Where you need to be a little extra careful with some laws, there are others which you do not need to worry about too much. This is something that the consultants of SERIS can tell you as well.


Action plan

As soon as our consultants have collected where you are compliant and which points still need you attention, they will make a comprehensive report about this. You get a complete overview of all the laws and regulations that you need to comply with. Are you on certain points not compliant enough? Then our consultants will create an action plan. Based on this plan, you can work on the full compliance of all requirements.


Wondering how compliant you are?

Are the ever-changing laws and regulations too much for you? But you do not want to risk high penalties because you are not compliant enough? Seek the help of the consultants at SERIS. They can tell you all about the norms and standards which your organization needs to meet. Please contact us for more information.