Risk management

Risk management

Maybe you are not really aware of it, but there is always danger lurking. Theft, terrorism or natural disasters can really disrupt your company processes. Do you have any idea what risks your business is currently exposed to? And what you can do to secure the continuity of your company? The consultants at SERIS will tell you exactly what you need to be aware of and what to do when disaster strikes. This way, you are prepared for the worst. 


Having your risks visualized

There is a lot more to risk management than just a simple evaluation of your risks. To get a complete overview of threats to your organization, SERIS performs different types of analyses. A dependency analysis maps out how your organization functions and which people, processes and information flows are crucial. These are often the elements that are most at risk need protection the most. Based on this, we make a threat analysis that allows us to determine which threats there are and what kind of damage they can do. Is your organization susceptible to hackers or are there frustrated employees who can mean harm? How disastrous is it when secret information is stolen? The question is whether your organization can offer enough resistance to these threats. That is something we examine with a vulnerability analysis.


Prepared for the worst

The risk analyses that SERIS performs on your business does not only give insight into current threats, but also into your various departments: which ones are vital and which are vulnerable? The goal is to minimize your risks and to make your organization ready to fight back. The consultants at SERIS help you draw up a threat plan and a security policy. Which steps do you have to take when fire, hackers or thieves hit your company?

We also help you in developing a business continuity plan (BCP). In this plan, we work out how your organization can still deliver critical services when a disaster occurs. For example, suppose that your building no longer accessible or that you are no longer have access to your documents. How can you resume your processes as soon as possible? A BCP helps ensure that your business continuity is compromised as little as possible, no matter what kind of disaster might hit you.


Securing business continuity?

There are numerous risks that could jeopardize the continuity of your organization. You would like to be resistant to this. SERIS Consultancy can help you with your risk management. We map out all the risks and make sure that there is an action plan ready for you, should your company be affected by a disaster. Better safe than sorry.


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