Training & Exercise

Safety training, tests and exercise

Is the security plan of your company actually efficient and effective? The only way to get to know this in time is by testing your security. SERIS Consulting has different methods to test the security in your organization. Do you want to be sure that your employees know how they should act to ensure the safety of the company? We also provide training and exercise.

Properly secured?

Valuable property, expensive machines and vital company information: an intruder can steal anything in your organization. And that can cause you some hefty damage. If you let SERIS test the security of your company, you can take timely measures to keep criminals at bay. We deploy teams which will attempt to access your company assets. Mystery guests will make an attempt to mislead your staff. Security of your company does not only mean to keep out of criminals. In case of emergency you also need to know how your staff can leave the building as quickly and efficiently as possible. SERIS provides evacuation drill.



Does your company have the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)? Then you are a trusted party for customs and that offers advantages in international trade. But, in order to maintain AEO status, you must meet a number of conditions. Your company must be financially solid; you must have met customs obligations in the past and you must meet the appropriate safety standards. Employees who come into contact with export goods must be able to identify suspicious or dangerous situations. SERIS Consulting provides AEO training to test the alertness of your employees.


Exercise ISPS

If you have a business in the port area, your security must meet certain requirements. In the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS code) it is described which responsibilities companies and port facilities have to detect a threat. And what preventive measures they should take to prevent incidents. Companies in the port area are also required to regularly practice their knowledge and skills regarding the ISPS code. For these companies, SERIS consulting provides a small exercise 4 times a year and a big exercise once a year. This way, you will meet the legal requirements and test your security measures.


Cooperation with authorities

SERIS Consulting helps you to test how effective the security of your business is. In addition, we provide security and safety exercises to better the security skills of you and your staff. We do this in collaboration with authorities like the police, customs and other partners.


Test or training?

Wondering how efficient your security is? Or do you want to refresh the knowledge of your employees? SERIS Consulting tests your organization's security and provides safety training for every company.


Do you want to know more? Please contact us for more information. 

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