Remote control

Remote control monitoring 

Everything used to be better in the old days? Nonsense if you ask SERIS. Modern techniques make the world of security a lot easier. Fire alarm systems ensure that flames and smoke are being noticed as soon as possible and minimize the damage. And with an alarm system, burglars or robbers have a significantly smaller chance of succeeding. Are you also interested in remote security? Read more about remote control and video surveillance by SERIS.

Fire alarms 

Would you like to protect your business in a simple and effective way against fire? Want to prevent that your property and material sustain some serious damage? And let's not forget about the people. A professional fire warning system can limit and prevent a lot of misery. The installation is complex, because a fire alarm system must be 100% reliable. That requires knowledge of systems and organizations, but also of buildings and certification. No room is the same, so no fire warning system is the same also. At SERIS, we provide custom fire alarm systems.

Alarm notifications

In addition to fire, there are, of course, more risks that you as a company have to deal with. Different for each segment. For example, drug smuggling and illegal immigration are a possible problem in the port, while aviation is dealing with terrorism and public transportation with aggressive behavior and vandalism. No matter what the problem is; with SERIS video surveillance it possible to monitor high risk sites 24/7. The CCTV images are being received by the employees in the observation room, who will watch these and immediately hit the alarm at the nearest security guard (or any other emergency services) when something is not right.

Read more about CCTV observation by SERIS.

Would you also like to protect your business against the risks that you are dealing with within your industry? For example, with the help of a fire warning system or alarm system? We'll tell you more about our remote-control video technology and the many possibilities for your company.

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