Security within your organization ensures that nothing stands in the way of your primary processes. Whether you work in the port area, the corporate sector, retail or as a public authority, you want your employees, customers and visitors to be safe in the workplace. SERIS offers countless solutions to ensure the security of your organization. Do you need more supervision in your shop or city hall? Then we will deploy a security host. Would you like active checks on all the traffic of people and goods at your port? Our port security is always ready.


Security that suits you

It does not matter in what industry you work, SERIS fits to your business and security needs. For example, our mobile security ensures that, when you leave your office or business park after work, it will be safe. We make fire inspection rounds and closing inspection rounds to make sure that everyone has left the property and that there are no more machines running or that the blinds are down. Do you want us to also open up in the morning? That's possible: our security guard makes sure that the lights are on and sometimes we even make sure that machines are running.

Are you organizing an event and do want to be sure drugs are not messing up the event? Our Tracker dogs recognize drugs. Do you prefer not to use dogs? Then we deploy a security host to check things. In consultation with you, we search for the security solution that fits your business. Flexible and safe.


Security solutions

Every man wants to feel safe in the workplace or as a visitor at a company or institution. With the security guards of SERIS, you can make sure that you're in good hands. Each one in the possession of the necessary diplomas and certificates, often from the SERIS Academy. Our security solutions include:

  • Static Security
  • Security hosting
  • Port security
  • Retail security
  • Mobile security
  • Tracker dogs
  • Total security concept


Tailored Security

From CCTV security to surveillance and security hosts, SERIS can take over all of the security with the total security concept. We have all the resources to ensure the security of your organization. We analyze the risks that your business might be exposed to and based on this we will create an integral safety plan for you that matches your business and budget.

Curious what SERIS can do for you? Please contact us as soon as you can. We can tell you all about our security solutions.