Retail security

Retail security

Department stores and shops are places where aggression, theft and crime often occur. In a crowded store, a thief can quickly do what he wants. Pickpockets can make their rounds and demanding customers can cause quite a stir. But the problem not only comes from the outside. Sweethearting is also a regular thing: employees committing fraud by letting friends or family pay little to nothing for products from your store. SERIS offers flexible retail security solutions to ensure order and safety of your store or mall. Your store should be a place where customers and employees feel comfortable.


Shop surveillance, a secure feeling

The security guards of SERIS are always visibly present in your store. And that works as a preventive measure. When potential thieves feel the eyes of a security guard in their back, they think twice before they leave the store without paying. Besides, your staff does not feel like they are on their own. If you are using retail security, you can not only count on excellent security, but also on fantastic hospitality. That is because our security guards are very helpful towards shoppers. They will spot unwanted activities and intervene if problems arise. When necessary, they do this in conjunction with the local police officer and involved entrepreneurs.


Customized retail security

The visible presence of security guards in your shop is just one way to protect it. It might not necessarily be the best, because each situation is unique. This is why SERIS checks which retail security solution best suits your company. Do you have a small shop? Then a CCTV system might be sufficient to scare off shoplifters. Any doubt about the reliability of your own personnel? A mystery guest could provide a solution. In large shopping centers, you must of course take more measures. Often, a combination of multiple security methods would be the best choice. For example, you could implement preventive security measures with security cameras and security guards in your shopping center.


Do you want a safe store?

Customers must be able to buy what they need without being disturbed. Employees want to feel safe. Would you like peace and order in your store or department store? Then please contact SERIS as soon as possible. We will look for a retail security solution that suits your situation. Turn your store into a safe store.

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