Static Guarding

SERIS static guarding

Staff, customers, suppliers ... in most commercial buildings, people walk in and out on a daily basis. But your employees need to be able to do their work undisturbed and must feel safe in your company. And of course, you want to protect your valuable goods and processes, against burglary for example. Permanent, professional monitoring of your property or object is therefore essential. Inside and outside office hours. With SERIS static guarding, you have alert security guards, 24/7.


Preventive surveillance: a safe feeling

In port areas, shops, hospitals, government buildings or office buildings; there's always movement. There is cargo being delivered, a package is being delivered, visitors walk in and out. Some faces you recognize, some you do not. The safety of your company should not be a concern for you. Fortunately, you can safely leave it to SERIS. Our static security guards know exactly what is happening in and around your property. They keep an overview of incoming and outgoing people and goods and recognize risks. Are they not trusting a situation? Then the static security guards exactly know how to act. That gives you a feeling of safety.


Well trained

All static security guards of SERIS are professional and well trained. They have to be, because every business is different and requires a specific approach. Whether it is a hospital or a port terminal. Security guards of SERIS receive an education that suits your business context. They know how to ensure the safety of your property or object against burglary and theft. After office hours, you want to be sure that all the doors of the building are closed off properly and that there is no risk of a fire. That is why our security staff is always conducting a fire-and closing inspection round and in the morning they start with an opening inspection round.



Safety is our priority. The security guards of SERIS can be present at your organization 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During the day and night, including weekends. This makes them extremely versatile. They focus on monitoring your establishment, but often, they also carry out support tasks. Our security staff can do many things. One moment a security guard is making a surveillance round and the next moment he is a host, receptionist or first aid responder.


Professional static guarding?

Do you want to professionally secure your establishment or object? By experienced and well trained static security guards? Please contact SERIS as soon as possible. We have over 300 professionals available which we can deploy day and night for the security of your business. Flexible, experienced and versatile.