As a business, you want leave a good impression on your existing and potential customers. A first contact determines your image. Typically, that introduction happens through your phone service or reception. It is up to your receptionist or operator to set a positive tone. Hospitality is obviously not the core mission of your business, but it is your business card. SERIS can take over your facility services. Our experienced hosts, hostesses and receptionists give people a warm welcome. The telephone operators of SERIS will give each caller friendly advice. SERIS creates the first impression, you make it true.


A warm welcome

Customers who sign up for an appointment with one of your employees, people who come in to your company for more information or vendors that deliver an order. All of them report at the reception. The front desk staff of SERIS welcomes everyone at their desk with a smile and do everything they can to help their visitors. A real host leaves a positive impression. Not only at the front desk, but also at other places where your organization is represented. For example, at trade shows and events. Our hosts and hostesses are a first point of contact, manning your booth or take care of the wardrobe. Helpful, friendly and accessible.


Telephone services: friendly and helpful

Everybody who wants to make an appointment, wants to obtain information about municipal affairs or wants to cancel a subscription, prefers to do this by phone or digitally. Actual offices are disappearing more and more and this is why it's important that telephone operators are helpful and friendly to their customers. The telephone operators of SERIS are communicative and accurate. They keep you well informed with useful callback notes and phone reports. This way, you won't miss out on anything.


The handyman for every job

Hospitality goes beyond a friendly smile and a pleasant voice on the telephone. The look of your commercial property also affects the image of your company. If your work place looks shabby and unkempt, it will not reflect well on the organization. The handyman of SERIS is always ready to handle all sorts of practical tasks. He makes sure that your property is always spic-and-span.


Services: the business card of your company

You want to give all your visitors a positive, warm welcome at your organization? Are you looking for receptionists and telephone operators that provide your customers with friendly advice? A business card for your company? Then call for SERIS. We take care for all your facility services. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.