Reception services

Reception services

Isn't it great to be welcomed with a smile when you report to the reception for a business meeting? The receptionist is the business card of a company: the first impression a visitor or customer will have of an organization. The front desk staff of SERIS are all about hospitality and they know that this is the best kind of security that a company could wish for. Because people with evil plans prefer to be left alone. With the reception services of SERIS you actually choose for security and services in one.


A warm welcome

Representativeness is key when it comes to reception services. A receptionist represents your organization. The employees of SERIS are open and easily adapt to the standards of your company. They are used to work in an international environment and not only speak flawless Dutch, but also can manage perfectly well in English. Kindness and hospitality comes naturally. Just like a well-groomed appearance. The receptionists of SERIS provide your organization with a positive image.


Receptionists who know what they are doing

A good receptionist is supportive and is always on the lookout. Not only at the front desk, but also on the phone, he or she is friendly and helpful. SERIS selects the best reception staff with the character traits that fit the job of being a receptionist. In addition, all our employees are trained to represent your organization the right way. Each gets a trained in communication and hospitality at the SERIS Academy, focused on representativeness and adequate communication.



Our experienced reception staff can (temporarily) support your own reception team. Or make the choice to transfer all of your front desk services to SERIS. We provide a professional team that fits within your organization. So, you do not have to worry about the ins and outs of your reception and instead can focus on your core business. Leave that first impression up to SERIS.


Need reception support?

Do you want to be sure that customers and visitors get a warm welcome in your organization? Being helped in a friendly matter by representative receptionists? SERIS takes care of this by deploying reception staff who will give your guests an assertive and hospitable welcome. And immediately notice when people don't belong in your building.

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