Security host

Security host

Everybody wants to be seen. Whether you enter a shop, waiting in city hall or are on their way to your appointment in a business establishment. A sincere 'Hello' is getting rarer from receptionists and front desk staff. And that while a warm welcome will make guests feel safe and at ease at your organization. The hospitality staff of SERIS, possess the hospitality of a receptionist and the alertness of a security guard.


Welcoming hospitality services

Do you want a safe environment for your staff and guests? But is hospitality also very important to you? Choose a security host from SERIS. When a think of a security guard, do you only think of a large stature with a stern look? Then you're wrong. Our hosts and hostesses have a friendly, open attitude with the knowledge and skills of a security guard. A hospitality walks up to visitors and helps wherever possible. For example, by giving directions or by carrying a heavy suitcase. At the same time, the host is always alert, spots deviant behavior and takes action when needed. The hosts and hostesses are helpful, committed and warm.


Never have an unmanned entrance

At trade shows and events, in shopping malls or at the entrance of a bank of municipality; the hospitality staff of SERIS deliver the service that suits your organization. You can hire us as an (temporary) addition to your own personnel, but we can also deploy a fixed team of professionals that will take all hospitality tasks out of your hands. Let SERIS take care of it all: our welcoming hospitality staff has people's knowledge of the highest standards and can respond to every situation.


Welcoming and safe

A first impressions counts: a safe feeling starts with a warm welcome. Are you looking for a welcoming host? Who knows what is good security? The hospitality employees SERIS security will deliver the service that suits your business. Wondering what we can do for you?