Total Security Concept

Total Security by SERIS: total security concept

Surveillance at your business park, well closed offices, CCTV security in public areas: you and your employees need to feel safe on the work floor. You also want to protect your goods and processes. Professional security helps with this. It will enable you to focus on your core business carefree. With the total security concept, SERIS takes over the entire security of your company.


Integrated solutions: a total package

As one of the biggest European security companies, SERIS has all resources to take care of the integral total security of your company. We analyze meticulously what the risks are for your company. What safeguards are required? Which tasks can be done by our security guards and when is the deployment of technological security solutions sufficient? Based on this, SERIS creates an integral security plan. Naturally, we also take all relevant laws and regulations for your business into account.


The total security concept for every budget

With the total security concept, SERIS is looking for a good balance between manpower and technique. And that can significantly lower your costs. For example, when you organize a conference or large event, or when you host the CEO of your company, you would like for sufficient security to be present. The visible presence of security guards and alert receptionists scares off unauthorized people, but having security guards physically there, is not always necessary.


Technical security solutions

With technical security solutions, SERIS can take care of an important part of the safety remotely. Think of digital surveillance, remote control, remote access control or a security management system. By combining the right resources, you can secure your organization, regardless of your budget.


Total custom security

Would you do anything to ensure the safety of your company and your employees? By deploying a combination of manpower and technical security solutions? SERIS offers total security tailored to suit your company. For more information, please contact us.