Data center security

Customers store their business-critical IT-systems in your data center. It carries a great responsibility. Cyber criminals are lurking. And what about fire hazards? With all those wires, an accident could always happen. That's why a data center requires high risk security, in other words: ultimate protection. Both for the business continuity of your customers and to protect the safety of your employees. Choose SERIS security to do the job.

Maximum protection and ultimate accessibility

The security of a data center requires a suited approach. At SERIS we know this. You do not want that security comes at the expense of user-friendliness for your customers. SERIS security solutions integrate seamlessly with the security risks that a data center deals with, without limiting the accessibility of IT equipment. The result? Ultimate protection of servers, systems and connections, a safe environment for your employees and extremely satisfied customers.

From static guarding to hospitality

In order to guarantee the (fire)safety of your data center, SERIS offers a wide range of security solutions. Often a combination of people and technology, and always tailored to your specific situation.

For the safety and security of your data center, SERIS offers the following solutions:

Static Guarding

You want to protect your people and IT equipment. Against external dangers such as intruders, but also against internal dangers such as fire. The security guards of SERIS keep a close eye on all activities in and around your data center. Is there an unsafe situation? Then they act quickly and appropriately

CCTV security

By placing security cameras, we can guard your data center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cameras are connected to our alarm center, where images are being viewed live by our employees. They take immediate action in the event of irregularities. So you are assured of maximum protection.  


Security is very important to you, but you also want for your staff and guests to feel comfortable. At SERIS, hospitality and security go hand in hand. Our hostesses and hosts are friendly and approachable and have excellent security skills. This way, the host or hostess can act properly in the event of irregularities. 


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