Project management

Project management

As an employer, you are responsible for the well-being of your employees. It's your job to make sure that the workplace is safe. You are probably not an expert in the field of security. SERIS Consulting is though. We can assist your company in setting up, organize and implement a good security policy. Our project managers can support you in establishing a comprehensive security solution.


Security as an integral part of your business process

Are you building a new business location? Or will you soon be moving to a new property? Then do you want the security of your new workplace to be well regulated immediately. SERIS Consulting assists you with a project manager who is responsible for your security. Preferably, our project managers would already like to be present at the design phase of your new building. One advantage of this is that they can proactively think along with you. This ensures that safety is not overlooked, but instead it will be a part of your business process. If you think at an early stage about your security policy and include security into the design of your business property, you can significantly save on the cost for your security.


Looking at your project through security glasses

A safe working environment is not always something you should take for granted. Certainly, not if you are working with machines or with chemicals. When you work with the layout and design of a new location for your organization, that would not be the first thing you think about. You will initially focus first on what is beautiful or practical.

The project managers at SERIS look at your project through a pair of "security glasses". Our goal is a safe organization. From the beginning, we will be there with you. SERIS examines what kind of security risks you may encounter at your new workplace. After that, we will set up clear security procedures which we will implement with you. The project managers at SERIS will guarantee an integral security concept.


A safe project

Do you want to be sure that the security in your new business premises is regulated properly? Being safe from the start? Involve the project managers at SERIS Consulting during the development phase of your future location. SERIS helps you think about the security concept and helps with the implementation.


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