Security Management

Security management

Security of your organization is incredibly important: you want to be sure that your data can not just end up on the streets and that intruders cannot just enter your building. But for you it is difficult to determine what the security risks for your company are. SERIS Consulting can though. Our consultants can do a risk analysis for you and support you in security management.  


Risk analysis

For years, you have taken the same security measures and that probably all went well. But times change and criminals are getting smarter. It is wise to check out the safety of your organization thoroughly. There are no pre-packed security solutions: every situation calls for a specific approach. Therefore, the consultants at SERIS will conduct a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) in order to identify weaknesses in your business. Do you have reception which is understaffed? Not enough ERO people? What about security procedures? Based on a visit to your organization and talks with employees we map out all your risks.


Action plan

When the SERIS consultants analyzed your company extensively and created a risk profile, they will make an action plan. An overview of appropriate measures that increase safety and reduce risks. Our consultants give tailored advice specifically for your organization. In doing so, they will always keep your core tasks in mind and ensure that you can continue to work as efficiently as possible. A security plan, a threat plan and an ERO-plan must ensure that the safety of you and your employees is guaranteed. We advise you on what steps you should take. Think of fences, access control and surveillance services. Still out of luck after all of this? Then our ERO and evacuation plan will make sure that you know what to do in case of an emergency.


Want to know how secure your business is?

Are you wondering how the safety of your organization really is? Would you once again just like to add the finishing touches on your security plan? The consultants at SERIS are happy to help. Want to know more about our risk analyses and consultancy? Please contact us.

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