CCTV guarding

CCTV guarding 

Drug smuggling and terrorism at the airport, illegal stowaways at the port, aggressive people in the waiting rooms of health care facilities ... each company has its own worries. And because of this, every company need a different type of surveillance and security. Constantly having security guards deployed requires a lot of capacity and thus a lot of money. With CCTV guarding, SERIS will keep an eye on your company 24/7. Remotely. In case of problems, experienced security guards will immediately jump into action. 


Total package

Video technology is very advanced these days. At SERIS we like to choose the most innovation and high-quality technological measures so we can secure workplaces. CCTV guarding an important part of our total package of security solutions. With different kinds of systems, we monitor sites, work and production processes, buildings and more. Exactly there where dangers and risks are the highest.


Always in sight

With CCTV guarding by SERIS is it possible to exactly monitor the places most needed for your company. For example, in the retail or at small businesses, it is possible to check for sweethearting or shoplifting. And on company sites, copper thieves will be caught immediately. In the observation room, our experiences employees will check the CCTV images and immediately hit the alarm when something is wrong. This video surveillance is cheaper than having security guards deployed 24 hours per day, but it is at least just as safe.

Are you interested in CCTV guarding by SERIS? Or would you like some more information about the possibilities and benefits for your business? We will be pleased to advise you on the best and most economical options.