Tracker dogs

Tracker dogs

The senses of a dog are a lot better than those of humans. Tracking dogs follow their nose, looking for drugs, the smell of humans or explosives. Nothing escapes the tracker dogs of SERIS. Dogs are increasingly being used in the security of events and festivals, but also for static guarding and surveillance. The four-legged friends not only have a great nose, but also represent authority. Criminals prefer to take a step back. SERIS's experienced dog handlers guard your safety with their dogs.


Narcotics dogs

Whether it's about big drug smuggling cases at the port or about festival-goers and staff that carry a small number of narcotics on them ... With drugs come great risks and increase the risk of accidents and related criminal behavior. SERIS's narcotic teams let sniffer dogs search for hidden narcotics.


Looking for human scent

With wars and disasters, more and more refugees come to our country. Without money and without any possessions they are looking for a new life. It is difficult to find a roof over their head and the can also not pay for transport. This is why they hide themselves in trucks or on business sites. SERIS's teams let their dogs track human scent and this way they, for example, find these illegal stowaways on your site.


Detecting explosives

Finding explosives is something different. For this, SERIS's experienced tracker dogs have been trained as well. The sniffer dogs are trained to detect explosive substances. With their professional dog handler. the dog will carefully get to work, looking for dangerous materials. Amongst other things, SERIS deploys its explosives team during big events and at companies with an increased risk.


Well-trained dogs

You are not allowed to carry out security with dogs. This comes with strict rules. The dogs brigade of SERIS only works with well-trained guides and dogs that are in the possession of a permit and a declaration of a service dog association. Our investigators are trained by the Royal Police Dog Association of the Netherlands (KNVP) or by the Dutch League for the Service Dog (NBVDD)


Security guards that follow their nose

Do you want to ward off unwanted visitors from your business park? Or know for sure that the staff is not carrying any narcotics on them during an important summit? Then let the tracker dogs of SERIS follow their nose. Are you wondering what our tracker dogs can do for you?


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