Technical Security Solutions

Technical security solutions

The technology is constantly evolving. Also in the area of security. There are more and more technical solutions which can be used in addition of, or even to replace the traditional security methods. Often, technical security solutions can support your primary process perfectly. SERIS will check for you how technical security solutions will be valuable to your business. We take efficiency into account and we compare the costs with the benefits. SERIS finds a solution for every security issue.


Burglary protection

Something you don't want to think about: expensive machines or a big part of your supplies being stolen during a burglary. The damages can be huge. SERIS offers intrusion detection and security technology, which detects burglars in time and in many cases, will prevent a burglary. Your alarm system is connected to the central at SERIS, Which makes us able to act quickly and efficiently.


Fire protection

If fire hits your business premises, then you want to limit the damage to your goods and make the escape route for your staff as easy as possible. SERIS makes your organization as fire safe as possible. For example, we will install sprinkler systems and fire alarm systems for you. Together we look at the best solution for your business.


CCTV security

Burglars, vandals and internal fraud: you want to do all you can to ward off criminal behavior from your organization. CCTV surveillance is a good way to do this. The camera systems are becoming smarter and can identify undesirable situations, so you can act faster. SERIS installs the CCTV surveillance equipped with the latest technology for you. You can view images from any location, but you can also record these. Alarm goes off at your company? Then the employees at SERIS can immediately see what is going on by CCTV images.


Site Security

Not only the security of your commercial property is important; you would also like to keep unauthorized people of your site. SERIS uses different technologies to be able to signal intruders in time. Think of ground detection, an underground pressure system that detects vibrations in the ground and turns this into an alarm. A radar detector will alarm you if those notices a strange object on the site. And if an intruder discovers your fencing which contains 10,000 Volts, he/she will think twice about a burglary.


Access control

As a business, you want to know exactly who's in your building. You register your visitors and staff is being provided with a badge. Access control systems are becoming more sophisticated. And that has great benefits. You can determine for each employee to which room he or she has access and you know exactly who is in the property. The control system of SERIS is extremely intelligent and functional. This way, you will leave nothing to chance.


Want to know more?

Are you wondering how technology solutions can support your company security? Or how you can save costs by replacing a part of your physical security with technology? SERIS can tell you everything about technological security solutions. Please contact us as soon as possible.